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"Join us not just for academics. Join to share ideas and be around people who are passionate about learning."

Satpuda Valley Public School

The focus of Satpuda Valley Public School is to mould the overall personality of a child through physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development. Children are looked upon as gifts with divinity and potentiality inherent in all of them. We dedicate ourselves in shaping up each child into a complete human being with a great talent, creativity, intelligence, compassion, love, truthfulness and the virtues of sharing.

Field Trips

Every year more than 10 field trips are going to conduct for nursery and pre-primary students to make learning more practical, where the kids identify the things and observe the properties and natural behavior of them. In this event the students visit waterfalls, dams, gardens, restaurants along with their grade directores, teachers and helpers.

Comunity Stay

Community stay is one of the unique things practiced in SVPS. The aim of the event is to understand the rural India and its limitations and benefits. Where the students conducts a survey through the village seeking the information about the occupation and family structure. In this event the students of grade 6th along with 20 teachers participate every year in the month of December. Every year different villages around Betul are selected and the schools in these villages serve as the boarding place for all, while the traditional rural food gives immense pleasure to one and all.

Eductional Tours

Educational tours play an important role in educating students in a practical and interesting manner. Students gain a better perspective of the world around them by going on educational tours as they are brought in direct contact with new situations which prepare them for facing challenges in their upcoming professional lives.

We Focus On Overall Development


The ability of an individual to create beauty with one’s own hand, the endurance to push beyond one’s physiological limits and the grandeur of balance all comes under what we broadly categories as Physical development.


Among children’s priorities learning comes first; anything innovative, new and different is bound to attract the child’s attention and hence learning happens. SVPS looks at mental development beyond the usual.


Are we free? Forget physically we are not even psychologically. Social development constitutes deconditioning rather than development.


Our focus in on academic excellence as we are dedicated to develop learning skills and understanding in English, Maths and Science along with Social Science and Hindi.


Optimistic emotional expression is always a healthy sign. The navarasas constitute the full ingredients of a life well lived. We encourage expressions through drama, music, creativity, pottery etc


Can we be happy for no reason? How does social conditioning remove this ‘Swabhava’ from the child? Spiritual development entails developing the five senses which leads to an ability to enjoy every small thing in this world.